Health means : all systems in the body are in the right balance !


Sickness means : plenty of systems ar not in balance ! 



Each kind of vitalization, energizing, ionisation and magnetization gives a right-handed ( positive )

or a left-handed ( negative ) motion in your body.


Both of these energies are very important for the human organism as may be

strictly required for various organs at a definitive time and to be needed permanently in an

alternating for different processes in the organism.

If such a vitalisation will be applied the body gives a reaction at once to this new

information of oscillation and produces different effects.


Physical variances and dazzling improvements are the results, but very often these

good results reduce in a very short time or other problems in the organism will come

in the future.


In every organism are different kinds of energy conditions.


Will someone use a treatment like magnetization or ionization, the body will be provided

with more negative information !





Will someone use a treatment like energizing or vitalization, the body will be provided

with more positive information !




In both cases there is a spectacular state of imbalance of the energy level in the human

body !



As opposed to : Bio Photons - a non polar energy keeps the energy level in balance !






Biophotons - a miracle of nature

Biophotons have the exclusive ability to balance biological states naturally.


No matter if it is a cell or an organ of a human or an animal body, no matter if it is a water molecule or the cellulose of plants, biophotons

balance hyper- and subfunctions naturally.




Biophotons are elementary particles of radiation, which exists of living cells.

This energetic radiation of biophotons is able to establish a communication between cells and cell arrangments (organs) as an

information mediator. Communication and information inside cells always come from the cell nucleus. If you take into consideration,

that the human body renews itself fully almost several times a year, because of the ongoing cell regeneration, you can see the

importance as a logical consequence. This information overload can't be handled with chemical messangers.

Biophotons get into the cell nucleus, because of their sorted state. This creates the circumstances for our self-healing powers

and support the natural adjustment factours in our organism. This is the only way how living processes, organ functions,

gland functions and nerve tracts can work smoothly.




Biophotons originate from the transformation of energy radiation (light energy) from the sun and cosmos.

Leading scientists, like Prof. Albert Popp call human beings "light suckers". Since the beginning of time this inflowing energies build a

frequency Spiral Energy spectrum which made the development of nature and life, as we know it now, possible. Biophotons originate

from the transformation of light energy, but they only make the transformation of light energy possible. Biophotons are not polarized, that

means, they are neither positively, nor negatively loaded and therefore they are used everywhere in the organism. At cells and organs

they can have a regulation effect on the ability of hyper- and subfunctions. Biophotons are therefore always to be seen as a function

guarantor for the regulation system inside the organism. 




It is well a known adage the the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, the most e n e r g i z e d distance between two points is a double vortex. The energy we experience in everyday life, from the movement of atoms to living entities, to galaxies and beyond, is the result of a balance between the clockwise and counterclockwise motions of a double vortex.

The ideal patterned biophotonic water is present in each of our cells when we are born, and we continue to produce as well as ingest biophotons as we grow. By the time we reach maturity, our sixty trillion cells carry the equivalent of ten gallons of biophotonic water. As we age, stress, free radicals and pollutants increasingly destabilize our body's water molecules. Cell communication, nutrient delivery, detoxification and molecular interactions all suffer with age. It is interesting to note that even the blood that travels through the heart and circulates throughout the body does so with the motion of vortices and spiral or helix.







As the development of biophotons and the transformation of light energy are always in direct interdependency, we can't exist only from

"light nutrition". We have to eat "nutrition". Nutrition has to be seen as organic alliance (living cells), which means, that we bring already

transformed light energy as biophotons energy into our organism. The higher the percentage of biophotons energy, the more efficient is

the utilization of the essentially labeled ingredients of nutrition.





All the information we receive in form of frequency pictures!


- everything is swinging in the universe: - every object - every creature - every cell

- every object has a different frequency picture                                                                             

- every organ has a specific frequency picture

- frequency is information.



The frequency pictures of an organ stays independently of age always the same. If an organism lacks biophotons, the regulation impact

of biophotons re-organized principle, the energy, is missing. Biophoton energy means a natural order in the system. Is the natural order

missing, the so-called healthy frequency picture, is harder to reach.                                       

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