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Spiral Energy Personal Stick

The Spiral Energy Personal Stick - body protection - is made of food safe Nirosta and is 80 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter. The stick is filled with energetic material like the Spiral Energy Pyramid and transfers thereby its energy and information. The energy stick enables our organism, to reload its trillions of cells with biophotons energy.

Therefore effective energetic body protects:
electro smog - cell phone radiation - geopathic interference fields - underground watercourse - computer screen radiation - emotional imbalance - concentration problems - painful blockades

Through drinking of 2-3 litre biophotons energy water, the organism starts to slag and neutralize without further ado. You will notice the importance of natural purification of our body, when you consider, that the human body exists of 70 percent of water and the multitude of negative environmental influences lead to a growing threat! You will often think of miracles, when you feel, what happens through drinking water , vitalized with biophotons.

For vitalization of drinking water on the go, put the Spiral Energy Personal Stick for about 8-10 minutes into your water jar or your water glass. THE LONGER - THE HIGHER THE ENERGY! 

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