About Us


For now over 22 years we offer intelligent, economic and high energetic solutions in the modern water treatment.

We began in South Spain, where we stayed almost 15 years but because of the big inquiry, we decided to move to the Middle East.                                

For the last 6 years we started the business in Egypt and Dubai (U.A.E./G.C.C.) to offer the highest quality available on the market to expats and locals. Furthermore, we also expanded to Africa, starting with Kenya, where the people are enthusiastic regarding the drinking water.

It is not an overstatement if we say: we put every of our clients in a position to get probably the purest and most energetic drinking water worldwide!

For this long period of time we still work with the same manufacturers which are more than 23 ( drinking water ) and 32 ( swimming pool water ) years on the market.

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