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Spiral Energy Box

The Spiral Energy Box - house water protection - by a special technical process spiral energy is put

and stored on quartz crystals and for the reason that the box is made of conducting materials the

spiral oscillations are transferred through the water pipe to the incoming water.

The spiral energy encourages the creation of oxygen and the light frequency (biophotons) stimulates

and normalizes the cluster confirmation of the water. Water becomes live water and gets back its

original frequency.





Spiral Energy information - highly compressed photons frequencies - which is stored on silicon crystals,

restructures the molecular structure and the molecules can absorb more energy. This increased energy 

presses the water molecules apart, thereby they can form their optimal spherical structure.

By this effect the surface tension of the water is rising hugely. The water molecules now have

enough space to move and the water gets back it's original vital and stimulating quality.


By the high level oscillations of the water* all substances with low level oscillations have no longer effect,

means nitrates, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria.... can no longer cause any harm!


The vitalizer box has to be installed on the main water pipe. No ongoing costs - no maintenance.


Overview of a few savings using the Spiral Energy Box:


- washing agents and softener can be reduced by 70% of the usual amount

- cloths will be energetically loades and skin irritations will be prevented

- cleaning agents and dishwashing detergents, softening agents and regenerating salt can be reduced  

   by 70% of the usual amount or can be stopped totally (depending of the water quality and  

   hardness degree)


- shower and bathing water preparation

- heating system

- pressing iron

- water heater

- dish washer and many more

- all appliances and pipes stay free of chalk and rust (also existing coverings will be loosened gently)


- skin besomes especially soft and energetically supplied

- itching, dry, impure skin vanishes

- personal hygiene products will be absorbed better

- hair becomes easier to clean and gets a special glare

- well-being and vitality arise


- all natural regulative in the organism get invigorated

- invigoration of the immun system

- activation of the self-healing-forces

- unbound energy (establishes always balance)


- activation of microorganism in the ground

- improved nutrient absorption of all plants

- plants get energetically invigorated

- reduction of vermin attacks and mushroom diseases

- tremendous yield increases of all cultures


* No waste, sewage, well or salt water !

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