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Spiral Energy Pyramid

The Spiral Energy Pyramid - object protection - doesn't take as usual its effects by its type, only because of

the biophotons energy itself. The pyramid form was chosen symbolically for intuiting and intensifying the effect.

The reaction of the body is based on the redeeming impact of biophotons. The vibration of the disturbing

influence like geopathic, electric smog, wireless radio transmitter etc. are preventing energetically exposure

for the body while it's made accommodating. The Spiral Energy Pyramid is ionized and makes as a result

space in the whole living and working area. As well it's creating a comfortable atmosphere, is increasing the

air of a room and is helping to enrich oxygen.

The pyramid ensures a secure protection from harmful environmental influences and other negative

vibrations for your house, your place for living or office. No special service is required and it's hooked up

at the place, where the most protection is necessary, respectively where water veins and stray radiation

occur enhanced. The energetic core is protected by a laser perforated metal pyramid.

The action scope is up to 30 m diameter. h 13 cm x w 13 cm x l 13 cm

Spiral Energy Pyramid secure energetic protection for:

electrical smog - water veins - earth fault - Hartmann grid - radioactive fields - cell phone radiation -

cell phone mast radiation - screen handling - emotion overreaction - learning difficulties -

lack of concentration - stress - evaporation and smell harassment like cigarette smoke, mold smell,

furnitures, flooring, colours ...

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