Product Details

Spiral Energy Horse Pad

This quadratic Horse-Pad is made of Alcantara leather and filled with high frequency energetic

material wich has been put double-sided to a special screen, means the energetic body of horse

and rider is protected in a radius of 5m.



Mode of action


Horses are very sensitives and intelligent individuals. Living in their very own genuinesses,

they are unburdened and stable. Due to their sensitivity and impartiality horses adopt all

energetic stresses and strains of their riders.


These external energys weaken the horses' energy budget and sicken them as well,

because there is no possibility for them to transform and disolve these strains.


By putting the Pad on the back of the horse, all the disorders in the horse will be eliminated

and each cell of the horse will be set in oscillation:


- the energy level will be increased in both organism

- the Pad protects against inflowing stress and solves existing disorders as well




- to put under the saddle

- after riding it should stay on the horse for 30 min.




- no recharging

- over generations

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