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Jungbrunnen 25-00

Hot, cold or room temperature water - as you like !

With BestWater cooler you will get 4 devices in one. It filters, cools, heats and distributes purest drinking

water. In the office, break room or in your home, you can always enjoy fresh and pure water just the way

you like. In future you don't have to replace the container or bottles because it is connected to main

water supply.

- Pure and energized drinking water available at any time

- Approx. 200 litres per day

- cost saving up to 75%

- Excellent water dispenser in a luxury design

- Fresh, chilled or hot water as you like

- Installing BestWater is very simple thanks plug in connectors and flexible load proof hoses

- No more carrying or changing of water containers

- Go green and protect the environment by reducing packaging waste


BestWater is leader in europe with more than 1.000.000 satisfied customers

- production place in Germany !

System holds back bacteria, viruses, hormones, heavy metals, limescale, chlorine, arsenic, copper,

residues of drugs...!

And recently certified as only machine in the world which filters out radioactive substances,

like Caesium 137 !

Additional :

High energized water through a technology of Biophotons ( Prof. Dr. A. Popp - International Institute of

Biophysics ) and light frequency !

With this vibration frequency of 1013 Hertz, the water has the same bio-resonance as the vibration

energy that regulates the function of human cells.

Thus this water is the best way cleaning our body cells and our whole body !


Thanks to BestWater technology tap water becomes a highly active, crystal clear water of the same

quality as spring water.

Your water is given back it's primary vitality step by step.

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