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Spiral Energy Triangle for pool and Jacuzzi

Spiral Energy Water

Spiral Energy information - highly compressed photons frequencies - which is stored on silicon crystals, restructures the molecular structure of the water molecules and they can absorb more energy. This increased energy presses the water molecules apart, thereby they can form their optimal spherical structure. By this effect the surface tension of the water is rising hugely.

The water molecules now have enough space to move and the water get's back it's original and stimulating quality. By using the Spiral Energy Triangle all these features are transferred to the pool or Jacuzzi water.


By this high level oscillation energy, all substances with low level oscillation like bacteria, algae microorganism....., have no longer any effect and can no longer cause any harm.



silky pool / Jacuzzi water - crystal clear pool / Jacuzzi water - no red eyes - no allergies - no smell - alive and structured water - regenerates and arranges the molecules and cell structure of the human body - more vitality and tightening up to the cells - better surface tension - optimum conditions of pH level - can prevent the usage of anti-algae agents - chlorine reduction up to 90% - no rust or limescale in the water and water pipes - nearly no installation costs (only a part pipe reduction to 1 1/4" with run up to the sand filter and behind the sand filter - no maintenance - friendly to pool equipment - no costs for electricity - very long lifetime of effect  

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