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5d-Flash App






Then this App can support !!!



Enormous improvements can appear to the following disorders

if you use it over a longer period ( 2-3 weeks, 3 times daily )











steadies the body after irritated situations



Good feeling   


produces a relaxed feeling





user become well-grounded and the body will be

able to receive and store more energy 







protection against non origin energies



Losing weight  


regulates all organs in an optimal way to lose weight





helps against allergic reactions like bronchial asthma, eyes, ears,

noses and skin rashes



Free of anxiety  


getting free of fears





respiratory - bronchia, throat, nose and ears can be boosted naturally





all kinds of depressions





all of inflammatory diseases, common colds, bacterial or viral infections



Eases cramps  


muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, gastro- intestinal cramps





toothaches, gum infection, hair loss, brittle nails, skin disease



Heart circulation  


high blood pressure, low blood pressure, anaemia, leukaemia,

variant blood levels





user become well-grounded and the body will be able to receive

and store more energy



Hormone system  


thyroid diseases, pancreas, menopause, infertility, acne, ups

and downs of hormones



Immune system 


autoimmune disease, immunodeficiency, vaccination damages,

increased blood sedimentation, all diseases which have been

initiated by bacteria and viruses





inflammations in this field, epilepsy, fever convulsions, tinnitus,

grey or brown cataract glaucoma, dry eyes, bleeding eyes,





migraine, flu, weather sensitivity





osteoporosis, wear of bones, fracture healing, rachitis, bone cancer,

heel spur, rheumatism, gout, scoliosis





hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatic cyst, mononucleosis





intensive activation of both hemispheres to comprehend the teaching

subject quicker



Let Go  


boosts naturally the " let go " process in your body






bronchitis, asthma, allergies, breathlessness, tuberculosis, COPT, flu



Lymphatic system  


detoxication, reduction of all harmfull substances in the body





gastritis, colitis, duodenitis, diverticulum, irritable colon,

cyst formation, general stomach infections,



Male organs  


prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, fungal infection, inflammation,

venereal diseases



Female organs  


endometriosis, myoma, cysts, gynaecological problems,

pregnancy problems vaginal mycosis, venereal diseases



Spinal Column  


supports the spinal column on a natural way




Muscles and tendons  


multiple sclerosis, tendonitis, pulled muscles, tendon

laceration, overexpansion, shortening, muscle ache,




Nervous system


nerve inflammation, toothaches, trigenimus pain, parkinson's

disease, restless legs syndrome, constraints, fears etc.





renal colic, kidney stones, renal gravel, kidney cysts, dialysis



Power flash  


makes all forces in the body available





sleep disturbances, falling asleep troubles, restless sleep, nightmares





all kind of pains, bones, muscles, teeth, joints etc.



Free of addiction  


can operate against addictions like alcohol, nicotine, drugs,

medicines and such like








Cell regeneration / Detox  


can bring a healthy cell in her natural oscillation,

evacuates damaged cells and operates in a decontaminating way





user are able to prevent flu symptoms and in case of an influenza

outbreak the symptoms can be reduced more quickly.




Anti Mosquito    


through this topic your body energy can be boosted to high vibrations,

this extremely strong energy field can repel all kinds of insects and they

are not able to come closer as they are repelled from this high vibration ! 




Arteries - Veins    


supports the arteries and veins, thus clogging and cell deposits within

the arteries and veins are flushed out and the bloodstreams are cleaned  




Eye disease    


supports your eye, helps to improve your eyesight and can make

scars loose their blockades for a better vision   




Spinal disc   


thus your spinal disc can get more elastic and stronger and your hips and

joint sockets can relieve because of a skeleton balance




Conjunctive tissue   


your connective tissue can be boosted naturally 






with this topic specific energy vibrations are transferred to your

body. Thus your bladder can be supported naturally






with this topic your vibrancy and appearance can be boosted naturally  




Intestinal flora  


this topic supports your intestinal flora on a natural way 




Eases cramps  


this topic transfers specific energy vibrations and information to

your body. This can support the dissolution of cramps naturally 




Eating disorders - Constraints  


supports your stomach, thus your food intake can return to normally

and obsessive actions can be minimized or dissolved  




Memory gap  


supports your body, thus your thought pattern can flow again orderly




Vaccination damages 


through this topic your self-healing powers can be activated which can

wash out blockades and consequences effected by vaccinations  






supports the dissolution of the intuition naturally







Questions and answers !




How can it work with a Smartphone or Handy ?



Everything is oscillation.


As with medicines it isn't the substance itself but the


oscillation of the substance which causes the different


reactions in the body.



In our case, the organ- and themes specific oscillations


of the spinning information circles are brought into the


body over the display and the placed thumbs.



Advantage :  no side effects, no interactions, no overdosage possible !



The body takes only the needed information.


Any video player or tablet could be used, but a Smartphone


was chosen because anybody has got one nowdays.





Why are the rays of the Smartphone not interfering ?



Regarding to the oscillation increase of the earth,


this frequence can not longer disturb and moreover all


the information is given off in a higher oscillation sphere.



Moreover all themes ( App ) could be used offline


( after downloaded ) and within flight-modus.





Can I buy all themes at once ?



Yes, of course, even to a better price - savings at 40%.


If you have a promotion code the price will be reduced again.


Under the name " your energetic pharmacy " you can download


all themes at once.





It happens that the video is breaking and the bottom


" discontinue " appears. 


The contact between thumbs and display is not good :


- thumbs are very dry ( please moisturize or take some lotion )


- the display is dirty


Solution : don't put your thumbs completively on the display,


put them slightly skewed. 





Why does the video juddle or stop ?  



The reason may be :


1. older version of the smartphone

2. processor with less than 1 Ghz frequency

3. too many tasks are opened


Solution :


Close all tasks. On most Adroid versions you have to stay


longer on the midsize bottom. All opened backround programs


will appear, press buttom " cancel " or " close " or press " bin ".


In this case nothing will be deleted, only the other programs will


be closed.


( some Android versions have a specials task manager )





Is there an effect if I don't feel anything ? 



Yes - always !


The feelings are highly different.


Some people feel exactly whereto the oscillations are moving,


others only feel prickling and others feel nothing.


Means the feel for this energy is very variant inside the human.



Also the quickness of the effect is variant.


If the body is very closed, the oscillations have to search for


their way, means the result may be delayed.



According to the rate of the usage the result will be faster.


Briefly worded : there will always be a result !


Only the rate of usage may be extendet. 





How many themes can I use in a row ? 



3-4 themes are transformers from the body simply,


the following ones should go for the main theme.



For example : if you like to support your liver,


you choose " Anti-Piotikus " " Liver " and " Cell Regeneration ",


means all which can support this special organ.



Don't support several main organs at the same time,


all organs would start withdetoxification and diarrhea could occur.    





Are there any updates, how can I get them ? 



Almost each month the energetic pharmacy will be extendet with 2 themes.


During any restart ( close the tasks before, see below ) the program


will check if a new version is available.














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