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Magnesium Water Purification

Magnesium swimming pool, the alternative to traditional salt and chlorinated pools!

The new generation of magnesium swimming pool water is now here - get the chance of a health treatment in the own pool.

It has been claimed:

- therapeutic effect for the skin
- reduce stress and anxiety
- relieve sore muscles
- and leave the body more chemically balanced, as it is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions

  within the body


By an electrolisis process magnesium will be converted into magnesium hydroxide. This form of magnesium is known to be gentle on sensitive and other skin problem conditions.

Magnesium has the ability to work like a magnet on the human skin, helping to detoxify the skin and the body of impurities and to reduce pore size, ultimately leaving the skin soft, radiant and smooth.

Studies have shown that the most effective way to acquire the benefits of magnesium chloride is to absorbe it directly through the skin.

If you have a magnesium swimming pool you can increase your magnesium level simply by swimming!

As a natural by product of hydroxination, the non synthetic chlorine acts as a disinfection system in the pool water. 

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