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Jungbrunnen 55-00 - portable

Developed for the mobile use:

In this suitcase you have all you need to get purest and high energized drinking water,

wherever you are - in simple steps !

System holds back bacteria, viruses, hormones, heavy metal, limescale, chlorine,

arsenic, copper, residues of drugs...!

And recently certified as only machine in the world which filters out radioactive substances,

like Caesium 137 !


- Pure an energized drinking water available at any time

- Approx. 280 litres per day

- System is completely food-safe

- No longer carrying of water containers

- Go green and protect the environment by reducing packaging waste




High Energized water through a technology of Biophotons ( Prof. Dr. A. Popp )

Natural levitation of water is possible through application of silicon granulate.

Boosting of the water molecule oscillation.


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