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Jungbrunnen 88-00

The best solution for catering industry !      

Cooking from now on with our high excellent drinking water :

- Best and cleanest drinking water for your customers

- Clean and potable drinking water of any given time

- Your own source of water in your own restaurant

- No more dragging of heavy cases

- No need to order potable water

- 6.000 litres a day - guaranteed

- Financial advantages ( savings ) with the JB 88-00 : 
   coffee: 30% - tee: 50% - descaler: 98% - rinse aid: 90% - cleaner: 70%

- Glasses free of scale sediments

- Substantial reduction in use of washing up liquid












Application in restaurant kitchens :

Jungbrunnen 88-00 has been designed for catering industry and for use in restaurant kitchens and canteens.
It's small dimension makes the system perfectly suitable for installations in standart kitchens.

Best coffee flavour :
Coffee and tea flavour have never been better. Why ? Now with BestWater solution you can taste only coffee and tea flavour not that of salt or tap water impurities. Coffee and tea lovers will quickly notice the difference.


Preparing meals :

Tap or bottled water with chemical additives, salts and organic impurities often destroy natural flavours of vegetables, soups and nearly all meals prepared in boiled water. Owing to potable water obtained from our system, all meals retain their full flavour !


Genuine pleasure without unpleasent aftertaste :

Are you professionals ? If yes, from now on you should use water from BestWater systems.
Your herbs and spices have never had such fine flavour.
Your customers will be delighted with the flavour of your meals !



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