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Jungbrunnen 66-00 Ultimate

The solution for any private household - to be placed under the sink in the kitchen.

System holds back bacteria, viruses, hormones, heavy metals, limescale, chlorine, arsenic, copper,

residues of drugs...!


Clever, small and powerful. With the BestWater Jungbrunnen 66-00 ULTIMATE reverse osmosis drinking water machine, you can always enjoy pure, great tasting drinking water at home. The compact format has a small footprint.

Filtering of 12.5 liters of pure, savory, fresh drinking water per hour, equipped with a 7.5 liter storage tank, which is housed in the housing. The system is working without electricity - it works with water pressure.

Additional pre and after filter allow individual water treatment such as filtration and treatment by well water or the specific removal of certain residues in tap water at home.

The installation of the fountain of youth 66-00 ULTIMATE is revolutionary simple. All connections are down and thus allow the installation of the system in each corner under the sink. Even the water supply itself has been adjusted and is now to be mounted easily. A drinking water tap from surgical stainless steel, one water stopper and complete accessories are included.

The fountain of youth 66-00 ULTIMATE is available in three different colors: white, blue and graphite black.


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